Saturday, April 17, 2010

Surewater 275-Gallon Water Tank

The ultimate in water storage technology. This FDA and NSF approved high-capacity tank was designed for extreme convenience and usability in an emergency situation. Nothing else compares. No more siphon pumps and stacking and unstacking ungainly and awkward water barrels that were not designed for household use. This container holds as much as five 55-gallon barrels but yet takes up the floor space of less than two.

• SureWater Tanks are made from FDA and NSF approved High Density Exxon Material.
• The dark blue color will prohibit light and lessen algae growth to maintain water freshness.

• Its eliptical shape allows for this tank to fit through a standard 29" door.

• A second "Easy-Fill" spigot is included for when you are filling a bucket or pan.

• The small footprint of the 275-gallon tank utilizes only 7 sq ft of floor space.

• Two spigot caps are included to help prevent spillage caused by curious children.

• Anti-Airlock top allows for air to flow in and out when draining and filling.

• Gallon demarcation allows you to properly ration your water supply.

• High-quality 3/4" full-port ball valve enables filling from the bottom of the tanks as fast as from the top.

Product features

  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Supply Type: Shelter-in-Place
  • Supply Duration: 6-Month
  • Needs Supplied: Water & Hydration
  • Situational Usage: Biological, Earthquake, Electrical, Financial, Fire, Flood, Hurricane, Medical, Nuclear, Storm, Tornado
  • Shelf Life: Indefinite
  • Brand: SureWater
  • Dimensions: 34" x 28" x 85"
  • Container Type: Large Barrel
  • Volume: 275 Gallon (35,200 oz 1,040 liters)
  • Material: Food-Grade HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
Product ContentsWater Container (1 Container):

(1) 275-Gallon Emergency Water Container

Product video

Diagram of the water tank

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