Sunday, April 17, 2011

250 Gallon Water Tank For All Emergencies

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The absolute best in water storage technology. The FDA and NSF has given this high-capacity tank its seal of approval, which was designed for convenience and usability in emergencies. In times of crisis, water is the most essential element for survival. Your body uses on average 2.5 liters (or 2/3 of a gallon) of water each day, but can only endure without water for 3 days before dehydration leads to death. Ensure your family's health and safety by obtaining a fresh water supply now to prepare for all possible emergencies.

What's included

Water Container (1 Container):
(1) Ultimate 250-Gallon Emergency Water Container


Weight (lbs): 115.0000
Supply Duration: 6-Month
Needs Supplied: Water & Hydration
Shelf Life: Indefinite
Dimensions: 30" x30" x 86"
Volume: 250 Gallon (32,000 oz | 946 liters)
Materials: Food-Grade HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)

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